[TRANS] 062815 25ans Magazine July 2015 “KIKO LOVES ” Vol. 1


Cover girl, Kiko Mizuhara’s favorites

The focus of the first theme of the new covergirl Kiko Mizuhara’s favorites will be animals – starting from her experience during childhood with them, life nowadays and also about her future dreams. We will be introducing her love for animals.

Vol.1 Animals

“I’ve been together with them since I was little. I cannot imagine life without animals!”

8-copyKiko easily got along with the Labrador Retriever “Laira” during their first ever meeting. She has lived her life with animals since she was a child. She said, “There was already a cat when I was a baby but I don’t clearly remember. When I became an elementary student, there was a hamster and then a Yorkshire terrier named Mimi who joined our family. And that was the first time I realized I had a pet.”

 As she was a child who loves animals, it was not unusual for her to adopt abandoned cats. “ I once picked up a cat which was in danger from getting attacked by a crow. Even if I gave the cat a bath and brought it to the vet, the cat passed away a week after. It was a shocking experience for me losing an important life right in front of my eyes even though I rescued it myself and took care of it. The loss let me realize the reality that it’s not only pure fun but there are also sad parts of having a pet. I believe that having a pet will encourage your sense of kindness and help you realize that not all things go as you wish.”

Now, Kiko is enjoying a lovely life with the Abyssinian Somali, Ciccio and Scottish Fold, Bu-Bu.


“Having pets in my house makes me comfortable. They give me an impeccable love and I give it back to them as well so we are in a good relationship especially that I feel both psychological and physical connection with Ciccio and I think he has the power of reading my feelings. When I was feeling sad, Ciccio was already beside me before I realized he was there. And when I also got sick and was about to recover, he turned sick as well. I thought he got infected with my virus. When I sleep with him I sleep well and in the morning I get up in a very good condition. I also get my heart healed when I hear him growling.”

How about Bu-Bu?


“Bu-Bu is like my little brother – He is so cute and does anything without any limitations!! He is that kind of cat who is always like a kid and will drive me nuts every time which makes me take care of him unconsciously. At that time when I was watching a TV, he sits on my shoulder and nuzzle his head to my cheek. It’s like a scene of a son fawning on his mother and I feel like being a mother having a cute son which makes my heart flutter. And when I’m taking a bath, he meows outside the shower room. I think he’s worried about the sound of the shower.”

The two boy cats are friendly to each other but when Kiko shows in front of them, they try to be only with their ‘Mother’. But mostly Bu-Bu wins by using his puppy-dog eyes.


“Right now I am very satisfied with the life I have with my two loved ones. I love dogs as well but I need more space on my plate. On the top of that, dogs needs a walk and I might feel guilty by not giving enough love because they have a very sensitive sense like humans do. For these reasons, I need a bit of courage to have a dog. On the other hand, cats are more like a housemate and independence makes the perfect distance which is good.”

But still I want to make my dream come true with a dog. “It might be a story from the far future but if I will be able to have a family, I would like to have a dog. Because I know that dogs will be our real family and friend and it will be an existence growing with us.”

Kiko says that she cannot imagine life without pets in the future. “As they are important for us, it is also frightening that one day they will pass away, but I believe meeting each other is a miracle and most of all, the time we spent with those we love is a priceless experience.”

Translated by: Hiro for Team Mizuhara
(Please take out with full credit)



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