[PHOTO+VIDEO] 080615 Kiko Mizuhara on Japanese Show “Monitoring”

August 6, 2015 – Kiko Mizuhara was invited to be a guest on a TBS Japanese Variety Show called “Monitroring”. It’s a hidden camera/prank show where they feature celebrities as guests to see their reactions in certain situations. In Kiko’s case, she was asked to be an accomplice of the staff and prank Japanese Voice Actress/J-pop singer, Tomoko Kaneda.

Situation: Kiko has to act that she and her (acting) female manager are in a relationship!31Before it began, Kiko said that she was scared and very nervous but she will try her best!

4 78Kiko and her manager starts acting while they can actually be heard in the next dressing room where Tomoko is. Staff asked them to greet and visit her.9 2011Kiko was back hugging and kissing her manager when they entered the dressing room. LOL. Her facial expression was priceless!12 13She goes back to their dressing room and couldn’t grasp everything that just happened LOL.14 15 16 21Kiko and her manager decides to go visit them in their dressing room to explain and ask them to keep their relationship as a secret.  Her acting was really convincing!!!1918Someone enters their room and (I think he was trying to see if she would spill Kiko and her manager’s relationship to him) so she was trying to kick the other guy to protect the secret. Note: The guy with Tomoko is also their accomplice 😉23 22 24 25 26 27 28

After the situation has been told to Tomoko, she was so shocked to the point that her jaw dropped for about 20 seconds (LOL)! Kiko enters with the staff and Tomoko even cried and Kiko kept saying “Gomenasai” (sorry) She also even asked Kiko if she likes men, to which she responded, “Daisuki”! (I love them/I like them) LOL.

MISSION SUCCESS FOR KIKO! Great acting! It was a fun episode!

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