[PHOTO+VIDEO] 091515 Kiko Mizuhara and Haruma Miura at the World Premiere of Attack On Titan Part II in Hongkong

Kiko Mizuhara and Haruma Miura attends the World Premiere of Attack On Titan Part II: End Of The World at PALACE apm in Hongkong. Thousands of fans came to see the two main stars of the movie! Check out the videos and photos below:

Kiko left a kissmark on the fan’s postcard!!

希子もかわいかった(≧∇≦) #水原希子

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#kikomizuhara #水原希子 前面果個女仔同kiko自拍😭我前多少少就好💔 A video posted by I’Mᴹᴵᶜᴴᴱᴸᴸᴱᵂᴼᴺᴳ (@l_amichelle) on

#kiko #apm #hongkong #水原希子 #進擊的巨人 @i_am_kiko @i_am_kiko

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三浦 chok 左少少喎!😆 #umagazinehk #hkig #hkiger #進擊的巨人 A video posted by U Magazine (@umagazinehk) on


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Fan-taken photos:

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Kiko with fans:

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Weibo photos:

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