[OTHER] 052716 Translated Q&A tweets of Kiko Mizuhara to fans

Fan (@_218346): What languages do you speak?
Kiko: Japanese, English, a little Korean – can read and write.

@AYAKANOOWARI11: What language do you wanna speak?
Kiko: Chinese.. it’s hard

@GDxxxxI: Japanese or Korean nationality?
Kiko: American

@tharuna02221: I also want to try.. Your #1 bestfriend?
Kiko: Yuka-chan

@mikity105: Korean is easier?
Kiko: I learned to read and write Korean in three days! I think it’s the easiest language to learn for Japanese.

@azunan14: How do you study Chinese
Kiko: My manager is Chinese, so she teaches me

@lovexox_members : What languages does Kiko-chan’s parents speak?
Kiko: My dad speaks English and my mom speakes English  and Japanese

@HIKA_KISSWORLD: What’s the breed of the dog that you wanted to have?
Kiko: Jack Russel Terrier

@chonpuuuuu: Who do you want to marry? Japanese, Korean or American?
Kiko: Nationality doesn’t matter 

@IBYRK : What’s the song you always sing at the karaoke?
Kiko: Maria Takeuchi’s Plastic Love

@ayaka09official : What are you doing now?
Kiko: Going to Beijing!

@sae_taso: What is your gift for yourself for your hardwork?
Kiko: Traveling!


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