[PHOTO+VIDEO] 042517 Official Trailer of Kiko Mizuhara and Satoshi Tsumabuki’s Movie: “A Boy Who Wished to be Okuda Tamio And A Girl Who Drove All Men Crazy”

奥田民生になりたいボーイ・出会う男すべて狂わせるガール」Okuda Tamio ni Naritai Boy – Deau Otoko Subete Kuruwaseru Girl (literal title: The Boy Who Wished to Be Tamio Okuda – The Girl Who Drove All the Men She Met Crazy)

The original manga’s story centers on Kōroki (Satoshi), a 35-year old man who uses the life of Japanese singer and songwriter Tamio Okuda as a guide for his own life. He works as an editor at the lifestyle magazine “Mare,” where he meets Akari Amami (Kiko), a mischievous fashion press writer, and falls in love with her at first sight. The manga chronicles the joy and sadness of his relationship.

Hitoshi Ōne (live-action Bakuman., Moteki) is directing the film and writing the script. The film is slated to open in Japan this year, and it will use Tamio Okuda’s music throughout the soundtrack.


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